November 16, 2022

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Trends for your garden in 2020

gardening trends for 2020

Trends for your garden in 2020 are all about creating a garden that is good for all involved, gardeners, wildlife and the earth for years to come.

Regenerative Gardening

The theory behind regenerative gardening is to put nutrients back into the soil which we use to grow our vegetables. By infusing garden soil with more nutrients, our homegrown veggies will also have more nutrients.

Practices such as composting, no-tilling and pasture cropping are elements of regenerative gardening. These practices reconstruct the soil’s organic matter, restore degraded soil, draw carbon and reduce runoff.

Dwarf Plants

Growers are continually introducing new cultivars with unique characteristics like dwarf varieties of our favourite plants. When considering landscaping ideas, you can grow a pine tree that matures into 1 foot or 80 feet tall. When you pick the former, you end up with enough space to add companion plants. 


A garden filled with amphibians indicates balance and a healthy ecosystem. The absence may mean problems. Frogs and toads are an effective, natural form of pest management. These amphibians eat mosquitoes, slugs and plant-damaging beetles.