November 10, 2023

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Which airport is the best in Australia?

best airports in australia

Australia is pretty expansive with Australian mainland and some surrounding islands being a part of it. This distance thing is the reason that many times air transport seems like the best option. This is where airports come into the picture; that’s where you arrive and depart from. You will have to wait there if a flight gets delayed – sometimes overnight – or if you reach early and are waiting for someone. What are some of the best airports in Australia though? Below is the list of some names that are worth going through air travels for. They are good in terms of not only facilities or architecture or design but almost everything.

Sydney airport

This airport is at the top of the list of Australia’s best airports. The Sydney international airport has three terminals with first-class lounges, shops and restaurants. Sydney being the most populated city, the car parking services for passengers at the airport is outstanding, albeit somewhat costly. The best part of the airport, though, is the connectivity to the city through its underground rail line. It is also within good proximity of several other options such as taxi, ride share, and bus service.

sydney airport

Melbourne airport

The Melbourne International Airport, or the Tullamarine Airport, has four terminals and is a major airport with a very high freight activity in the airport. Melbourne is the best city to visit in Australia the airport houses some of the best hotels (Park Royal, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Ibis Budget) in its vicinity for tourists. The airport also has a great commercial design in Melbourne.

melbourne airport

Adelaide airport

The award-winning airport with being the only one in South Australia, Adelaide sees not only domestic but international passengers in the millions.

Suprisingly, that makes it one of the busiest airports in the country. In addition to that, it offers a multi-storey car parking and duty-free shopping. It’s location is in sync with several bus terminals and taxi terminals, and car rental services.

Just like any other good airport, it is a hub for several airlines and freight services as well.


Brisbane airport

Brisbane is another one of the major tourist attractions. It is the capital to Queensland and the Brisbane airport is the largest in the country. And when it comes to style and design, the airport recently started a $40m dollar facelift, so there is no need for words. The incredible design is a perfect commercial fit – out of the ordinary. Not only does it see 20 million passengers per year and several freight services, but the airport also serves military transportation purposes regularly.

The airport is also famous for its luxurious airline lounges like emirates and Singapore airlines.

brisbane airport redevelopment

Perth airport

Perth international airport is the life and soul of Western Australia, as this part of Australia is a long distance from all the other parts. This makes Perth and the airport significant to residents and tourists travelling by air.

The airport is not busy only for the passengers, but it is also a cargo hub as it connects the Asia Pacific region. With a passenger count of 10 million throughout the year, the government is working on a rail system to make the place more accessible to the other main cities, and the capital city of Perth as well. What more do you need when you can shop duty-free and get your currencies exchanged as well while you are waiting for your flight?

perth airport

Airports play a major role in our lives because at times you spend hours waiting for your next flight, but you don’t have the time to go out and explore the city. It’s great to find airports that can keep you entertained and are visually appealing as well.