November 16, 2022

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Why aluminium is a good building material

aluminium building

Aluminium is one of the most common non-ferrous metals found on Earth. It is highly durable and a good conductor of heat and electricity. It is not a direct metal and is often made from bauxite. Aluminium is also available in combined forms such as when it is found in combination with sulfates, or silica.

Aluminium is one of the most widely used building materials along with cement, brick, and iron. It is used in many industries due to its abundant properties and is considered to be one of the most energy-efficient materials.

Aluminium was first used in building material in the early 1920s. Back then, the use of aluminium was originally used for decoration purposes and for detailing artistic structures. Today, it is used in much more structural ways, as well as for building facades and aluminium cladding. Although its use has changed dramatically over the years, aluminium as a material has continued and grown to this day. 

What properties make aluminium a valuable building material?

Below are listed some of the properties that contribute to aluminium being a popular choice for building.

  1. Air Tightness

Things like doors, frames, and windows that are made from aluminium are completely airtight and they do not allow any wind, dust, or germs to get inside. Today many public building such as shopping centres, universities and schools, seminar halls and theatres have doors and windows made of aluminium. They are becoming more popular for home and apartment doors and window frames too.

  1. Strength to Weight Ratio

Aluminium has a very special material property that gives it a very high strength to weight ratio, meaning that a small amount of the product can provide a high amount of strength. The durability and lightweight properties of aluminium make it useful for almost any project. 

  1. Easy Assembly

Aluminium is one of the most easy to use and easy to assemble building materials As mentioned, it is easy to transport, assemble, and dismantle due to its lightweight. Products such as click on aluminium battens offer easy assembly and an appealing finish to a building. 

  1. Cryogenics

At low temperatures, most metals become brittle and lose their power. The unique properties of aluminium mean that when exposed to low temperatures this does not happen, making this material is well-suited to the climate in cold countries.

  1. Low Handling and Transportation Cost

Aluminium is very easy to handle and use due to its less weight. When used as a building material it helps that transporting the material from place to place is not an ordeal and requires less machinery to move it. This can dramatically reduce the overall building cost.

  1. High Reflectivity

The amount of reflectivity of aluminium is also very high. Aluminium does not absorb light and also it does not absorb radiant heat. This gives it the ability to keep the place cool during summer and warm during the winter seasons.

  1. Corrosion Resistance

Compared to other metals, aluminium does not get corroded very easily. It’s high resistance to corrosion means that it does not get affected by the season or weather conditions as much. Due to this property aluminium is a popular material choice for structures such as windmills, and paper mills.

  1. Appearance

Aluminium has a smooth and bright finishing that some people consider beautiful. It also comes in various shades of colours making it adaptable to many people’s individual styles. 

  1. High Scrap Value

For the most part, aluminium is not easily damageable. But on the off chance it does get damaged, it can be sold to a scrap seller with a high value.

  1. Sound Proof

Aluminium sheets are excellent radiators of sound. You can not hear what is happening outside of the building if it is built using aluminium, and it also does not allow the noise from inside to go outside.

  1. Low Maintenance Cost

Given all the properties we have listed above, it’s easy to understand that aluminium has low maintenance costs. It will likely withstand 25-30 years without any damage.

All of these wonderful properties make aluminium an ideal material to build with.