November 10, 2023

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COVID-19 impact on Crane hire companies

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COVID 19 is spreading all over the world at a greater speed than it was expected to be. It has a major effect on the economy of almost all countries. The COVID 19 outbreak was initiated in Wuhan of China towards the end of December. The second outbreak was reported in Thailand. And the WHO declared COVID 19 as a global emergency on the 30th of January 2020.

On the same day, that is on January 30th, the disease was reported in India and the Philippines with one case in each country. Meanwhile, the number of deaths and cases in China remained rising up significantly. On the 1st of February 2020, the first COVID 19 case was reported from several countries including Australia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, the US, the UAE, and Vietnam.

In Australia, the Prime Minister declared a human security bio emergency in the country for the first time ever. The majority of affected Australians acquired COVID 19 infection overseas, from cruise ships and recent travel to Europe or America.

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How is Australia dealing with COVID 19?

By April 4th of 2020, about 5435 COVID cases are existing in Australia. The numbers are increasing daily. Of the 5435 confirmed cases, 28 have died from COVID 19. And about 300000 tests have been done across the continent.

The Government of Australia has taken various steps to reduce the outbreak of COVID 19 cases. The AHPPC made of chief health officers from various states and territories, the chief medical officer and representatives from the major departments makes key decisions regarding the rules and regulations to be imposed and other measures to be taken necessarily to prevent the further cycles of COVID 19. The team has formulated an emergency response plan. They have also made a team of medical professionals directed by the Chief Medical Officer to support COVID 19 response.

Some important measures taken by the Australian Government to control the outbreak are:

  • Travel restrictions.
  • Screening travellers who returned grom COVID affected area, and making them self-isolated.
  • Border surveillance.
  • Medicare subsidized telehealth services.
  • Tracing coronavirus cases.
  • The consistent and integrated response across the country.
  • Regular and updated information passed to the public.

Impact of COVID 19 in Australia

Like every other country, Australia’s economy also has been seriously affected by COVID 19. Many had to close their businesses due to the Government imposed restrictions. Some business models have transformed overnight and are still working following the rules and regulations. However, most of the people were forced to shut down and they have no idea how long this would extent. The worst happens when the bills of rent for the building piles up. Surviving this hibernation would be very hard for many. And this has a serious impact on the Australian economy.

Are crane hire companies affected by COVID 19 in Australia?

There is a major contraction in construction and infrastructure activities in Australia. The construction works have been forced to shut down due to the increase in the number of Corona cases.

And as a result, the service of cranes for hire is certainly of no demand and they are also seriously hit by the pandemic of COVID 19. So, like other companies, they are also affected and are forced to shut down according to the rules and regulations imposed by the government.

If COVID 19 is taking further hold in Australia, the construction works might be delayed further and the industry would be seriously affected.

Like every other industry running all over the world, the construction companies, as well as the crane, hire companies are facing a major downfall due to the COVID 19 pandemic.