July 14, 2024

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How to paint your wooden furniture white

coastal furniture

When it comes to the furniture of our houses, we are always ready to renew it according to the interior of your house. For example, if you have a house by the water, you could incorporate some coastal home interiors. Painting furniture is the easiest way to give your furniture a new look. Neutral colors are best for this experiment; therefore, white is the best option as it incorporates into your house very easily. This color gives an elegant and refined effect to your place. Painting your furniture on your own can save your money, compared to buying new furniture or hiring a renovation expert. You can easily paint your furniture without paying for someone else to do it for you. 

Steps to paint your wooden furniture white

  • Prepare your furniture for painting

The first thing you need to do is separate all parts of your furniture by removing drawers, shelf slots before you get started. That way you can also paint the furniture from inside. After this, the most important step is sanding. However, we have heard some people saying that sanding is not necessary, but we advise you: do not skip this step if you want a good finish! Think about your beach homewares and remember that you want to match that feel. Moreover, do not harshly gouge the surface; you just have to rough the varnish of furniture slightly. Use the water-based wood filler to cover or fill the holes and dents after filling, let the solution dry and then sand that area to make it even. Once you have done sanding, wipe down the surface e of your furniture with a dry cloth to remove residue from it. 

Cover the inside edges and hinges of your furniture with tape. You can also cover the areas with painter’s tape, which you do not want to paint. Make sure you cover the areas with tape properly, so the paint cannot go through it. Now it is time to apply primer on the surface of your furniture to make it smooth for painting. It is better to use a roller to apply primer to the larger surface, whereas brushes do a good job on the smaller surface and corners that cannot be reached by the roller. If you have a piece of dark wood furniture, then a knot block primer works best. Make sure you apply a smooth, thin layer of primer on your furniture and give time plenty of time to dry. 

  • Paint your furniture

After the preparation steps above, your furniture is ready to be painted! But before you start painting your furniture, make sure that you have the right safety equipment and that the paint you are using is high in quality. Low-quality paint can easily waste all your efforts. Once you are sure that your paint is high quality, you can start painting your wooden furniture white. Start by applying a thin layer of white paint, follow one direction, and paint one stock at the time. Do not move your roller backward and forth as it will create an uneven surface of paint on your furniture.

After that, let the paint dry for one to two hours. Once the first layer is dried completely, sand the surface of your furniture slightly as it will help you to get rid of the dripping uneven layer. You have to sand each layer of paint in a circular motion after applying and letting it dry. Apply 3 to 4 layers of paint to make your furniture opaque and give it a smooth look. Once you have done with painting your wooden furniture white, apply a thin varnish layer to give your furniture a glossy and shiny effect. Let the varnish and paint dry for a good three days before assembling, fixing and placing it again. Now you can enjoy your renovated white wooden furniture.