November 16, 2022

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Inspect New House For Pests

Check for pests before buying your new home

Buying a house is usually exciting, but at the same time tedious, because you have to perform many checks. One thing you need to be aware of is pests, especially if the house you are buying is not new.

House inspection is equivalent to a test drive when buying a car. It can tell you whether the house you want to buy is worth the price, or even worth it. Through the house inspection, the shortcomings of a property will be revealed. This will not only save you a lot of wronged money but more importantly, your safety will also be guaranteed.

Pests Pose A Threat To All Homeowners

If you are not careful before buying, the new house will only keep the house, and will not become the house of you and your loved ones. Before buying a house, do not buy and continue to defend against these pests, but take necessary precautions and consult a professional who can guide you regarding the condition of the house.

Termite And Pests Detection Technology

The detection methods for termite hazards have now shifted from conventional manual inspections to new detection technologies developed in combination with high-tech methods, which are characterized by good sensitivity, strong reliability, and high success rate. These new technologies mainly include infrared imaging detection technology, acoustic wave detection technology, microwave detection technology, X-ray detection technology, humidity detection technology, odour detection technology, micro-hole detection technology, wood resistance detection technology, etc. Before you buy your first home consider organising a termite pest control treatment service for your home to ensure it is free from these destructive pests.

Checking The Sealing Points Of The House

Sealing potential entry points are very sneaky. In addition to cracks and crevices in walls and ceilings, they can also create entrances. When checking the home you plan to buy, it is wise to identify these entry points and write them down. Make sure the seller is with you so that you can find these cracks and wall openings at the same time.

Instruct the seller to ensure that all these entry points are sealed with durable and strong materials that will not cause any health problems to you and your loved ones. As common indoor pests, such as rats, bed bugs, mice, and ants, pose a threat to any household indoors and outdoors, but the advantage is that they can be controlled by a variety of methods, and ensuring your sealing points is one of them. This is the ideal pest control technique before buying a house.

Check The Entry Points Of Pests And Bugs

In addition to sealing, check broken window frames, vents, cracked ducts, holes in ceilings and walls, make sure to install a door sweep on each door so that you can enter the house to reduce or completely avoid entering the house.

The following techniques will ensure that your new house stays pest-free.

Removing Moisture

Moisture attracts small pests such as mosquitoes, flies, spiders and cockroaches. If you are buying a house that you have lived in before, it is important to ensure that there is no moisture in the house. It is also a good idea to organise a spider treatments pest control for your home so it is pest-free.

The best and only way to do this is to make sure that all leaking pipes, faucets, and ducts have been replaced before buying the house, rather than repaired. Around the house, make sure that there is no standing water blocking drains or ditches. Also, make sure to install drains to drain rainwater from the roof to the water storage unit.