November 16, 2022

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The utility of Air Compression in Tire Shops

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For those who have been to several tire shops, one thing that you are going to notice in all these shops is that they all have air compressors. This is because air compressors have several uses. It is a useful accessory to have in a tire shop. This is because you can use it for various applications, and these applications are going to be discussed here. 

Talking of uses and applications, one of the most obvious utility is using an industrial air compressor for the inflation of tires. Inflating tires is one of the most regular tasks in a tire shop. If you have a tire shop and there is an air compressor, it is an advantage for your business and a boost for your customer service. This is because whenever any of your customers need to have more pressure, there is no need for them to go to other places before they can get their tires inflated. 

 Now that you have seen how important an air compressor is, you may think of getting your own too, and that is not bad. However, you need to consider several factors first before getting your air compressor for your tire shop. The first thing you need to think about is the airline lubricators. If you want your compressor to be maximally durable, then all the internal components have to be lubricated properly.

 The lubrication of these parts is done by using compressed air via the air line lubricators. This way, the need for replacement and repair of parts is minimal. Another thing that must be considered is the air regulator. Your air compressor might be functioning at a particular level. Still, the other tools that you are working with may function at a decreased level. Hence, it is important to get an air regulator. By making use of a regulator, there will be a reduction of pressure, and the tool will function seamlessly. These details are essential to be looked after as air compressors can be very intricate and complex to deal with. Functions like regular maintenance, servicing, spare part removal and replacement, follow-ups, etc are all essential to be performed on a regular basis. The upkeep of every air compressor depends on the industry it is used for.

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 Once all these things are in place, the next steps for you to take will be regarding the maintenance of the air compressor. Cleaning and making sure the intake valves is one tip you can use to ensure your air compressor is always in good working condition and ideal shape. Compressed air moves via the intake valves, and as a result, many particles get stuck inside the vents, and this can lead to clogging over time, decreasing the efficiency of the air compressor. Take time to ensure that the intake vents are cleaned even if it is just once in a month. 

 Another maintenance tip is changing the air filter because it is used all the time, and it is also clogged with several particles. The higher the levels of the clogging in the air filter, the lower will be the ability to do purification of the air. For this reason, you should make sure that the filter is changed at least once a year. All the nuts and bolts must also be adequately tightened; these steps ensure the air compressor is always in the right working condition.  

A tire shop is one place that cannot function properly without the use of air compression. Therefore, we would not have the facilities available to change our tires when needed.